Introduction to Accademic Writing (Experimental- AC 210) - Updated 3 September 2017
Syllabus (BE)
Syllabus (Masters Program)
Permission Slip (required from those who will be using this class to improve a paper being submitted for a grade to another class)

Ongoing 1: "100 Days of Trump"
100 days of Trump (current version)
Ongoing 3: "The Administrative State" (forthcoming)
Ongoing 3: "State Level Tests of Okun's Coefficient" (forthcoming)

Week One
Outlining an article
Summary (BPK) "The Sources of Soviet Conduct"

For Next Week: Hayek: The Use of Knowledge in Society (Original PDF)
Hayek: The Use of Knowledge in Society (numbered paragraphs)

Ongoing 2: "America's Health Care Agony"

Fall, 2017

Last Modified; September 11, 2017