EE 340 Introduction to Public Finance

Syllabus Spring 2017

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Chapter 1: Introduction (8e)
Chapter 2: Positive Analysis (8e)
Chapter 3: Normative Analyis (8e)
Chapter 4: Public Goods
The "eye" Graph - Edgeworth Box with a Public Good
Chapter 5: Externalities
The Coase Theorum
Chapter 6
Theory of the Club
Chapter 7: Education Policy (10e)
Link to Thai Education Spending Chapter 8
Midterm Study Guide Updated 12 March 2018 3:30 p.m.

Midterm Exam

Midterm Results (updated 29 March 7:15 a.m.)

Constitutional Economics
Optimal Voting Rules
The Median Voter Model
Different ways of voting
Vote Cycling
Alternative Voting Rules (added)
The Growth of Government
Optimal Voting Rules
The Virginia School of Economics - Skipped

Dictatorship -- Skipped
Niskanan Model
An optimal or Fair Tax System (added)
Tax Incedence -- Forthcoming

Hayek: On the use of knowledge in Society -- skipped
hayek: Notes for the use of knowledge in society (Skipped)
Olsen and Distributional Coalitions Skipped
Exit and the Theory of the Club
Political Buisiness Cycle (skipped)

The Thai Rice Scheme (skipped)
Welfare Conceptual Skipped
Welfare In Practice and Welfare Reform Skipped

Final Study Guide (updating) Ch


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