EE 401 Political Economy

Syllabus EE 401 Spring 2019

Class Notes for the Caraso and Levine Book:
Notes Chapter 1: Introduction
Notes Chapter 2: Classical Economics
Notes Chapter 3 Marxism
Notes Chapter 4 Neo-Classical Economics
Notes Chapter 5 Keynsian Economics


Caparosa, James A. and David P. Levine (1993) Theories of Political Economy, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Supplementary Articles:

Baumol, William "Entrepreneurship: Productive, Unproductive, and Destructive"
(Link made Jan 2019)

Becker, Gary "De Gustabus Est Non-Disputatum"
(Link made Jan 2019)

Hayek, Frederick "The Use of Knowledge in Society",
"The Pretence of Knowledge" A simplified version of "The Pretence of Knowledge"
(Links all added Jan 2019)

Krugman, Paul "Increasing Returns and Economic Geography"

North, Douglass "A Neo-Classical view of the State" (chapter 3 of Structure and Change in Economic History)

Zizek, Slavoj TBA