Part I:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Unitary/confederated/federal state

Chapter 2: Tools of Positive Analysis
Chapter 3: Tools of Normative Analysis
Two person exchange with a Public and Private Good (The "eye" Graph
Readings for the eye graph from Public Choice III (pg 67-78)
Chapter 4: Public Goods

The Theory of the Club
Chapter 5: Externalities
The Coase Theorum

Chapter 11: Social Security
Chapter 7: Education
Link Bryan Caplan on Econtalk: The Case Against Education
The Thai Rice Scheme

Study Guide for the Midterm


Chapter 6: Public Choice Considerations

Introduction to Public Choice: the Virgnia School
Readings: The Virginia School of Economics
List of terms from Political Science and Public Choice Economics

The Median Voter
Readings Congleton "The Median Voter Model"
Readings (Public Choice III pgs xxxx)

Vote Cycling
Readings Public Choice III (Cycling) ,
also Readings Public Choice III (Agenda Setter), and
Public Finance Chapter 6

Differing Voting System
The Optimal Majority Readings Public Choice III pgs 74-78
Alternative Voting Systems Readings Public Choice III

Why do People Vote?
Readings Caplan "The Myth of the Rational Voter"
Readings: Public Choice III pgs 303-332
Readings: Bryan Caplan The myth of the rational voter link

Rent Seeking
Readings Public Choice II

The Logic of Collective Action

Readings Public Choice III pgs 359-389

The Growth of Government
Readings Public Choice II
Readings Public Choice III 501-534

Chapter 12: Income redistribution (conceptual)
Chapter 13: Income redistribution (AFCD, TANF, and others)

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