EE 448 Selected Topics in Public Economics: Public Choice

EE 448 Syllabus -- Fall 2008

EE 448 Syllabus -- Fall 2009

EE 448 Syllabus -- Fall 2010


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August 10 Notes Week I: Public Choice, and the Virginia School of Economics
Buchanan, James: "Public Choice: The Origins and Development of a Research Program

August 18, 20 Notes Week II: Pigovian Taxes, PD Games, Externalities, the Coase Theorem
Coase, Ronald H: "The Problem of Social Cost"

August 25, 27 Notes Week III: Allocation vs. Distribution, Buchanan/Tullock model - The Optimal Voting Rule

Sept 1, 3 Notes Week IV: The Median Voter Model
Congleton, Roger: The Median Voter Model

Sept 8, 10 Notes Week V: The Median Voter Model: Cycling, Asymmetry, Agenda Setters,
The Median Voter Model: Utility asymmetry, Information Asymmetry, Pork

Sept 15, 17 Notes Week VI: Voting Rules, Money and Incumbency

Sept 22, 24 Notes Week VII: Exit and the theory of the Club

September 29, Midterm

Oct 6, 8 Notes Week VIII Rent Seeking

Oct 13, 15 Notes Week IX Rent Seeking, Distributive Coalitions

Oct 20, 22 Notes Week X REVISED VERSION -- The Niskanen Bureaucracy

Oct 27, 29 Notes Week XI REVISED VERSION -- Dictatorship
Students interested in the source material can go to Olsen, Mancur and Martin McGuire: The Economics of Autocracy and Majority Rule
The intuition is pretty straightforward, note the simple math model is not

Nov 3, 5 Notes Week XII Social Welfare Functions

Nov 10, 12 Notes Week XIII The Growth of Government, REVISED VERSION -- Leviathan

Nov 17, 19 Notes Week XIV The political business cycle

Nov 24, 26 Notes Week XV Constitutional Economics

Dec 1, Review for Final Exam

Dec 13, Midterm Exam




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