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Reading List for Fall 2008

Questions and Study Guide

Sample Midterm Exam: Note this exam is from several semesters ago, the reading list (and thus the questions on it) has been changed extensively since then. But the exam should give you a good idea of the types of questions I ask, the format of the exam, etc.

Current Reading List (Links may need updating)....

Part I: The 1990s -- Four Models of IR

The End of History:
Francis Fukuyama, The End of History
Optional Article, Kagen, Robert: The End of the End of History
Optional Article, Fukuyama, Francis,

The Clash of Civilizations:
Huntington, Samuel, The Clash of Civilizations

Luttwak, Edward, Give War a Chance
a different link to give war a chance is here, if the above does not work.
Optional Article: Rauch, Jonathan; What we can Learn from Ike
Luttwak, Edward, The Middle of Nowhere
Gat, Azar, The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers
Zakaria, Faheed; The Future of American Power

Different link for The Future of American Power

Internationalism (Liberalism)

Part II: 9/11

Zakaria, Faheed; The Politics of Rage: Why do They Hate Us
Lewis, Bernard; The Roots of Muslim Rage
Podhorotz, Norman; World War IV: How it Started, What it Means, and Why We Need to Win
Alternate Link to World War IV

Podhorotz, Norman (optional article): Is the Bush Doctrine Dead?
Gordon, Philip; The End of the Bush Revolution?

Part III: Cultural Issues -- The Big Picture

Europe and 9/11
Kagan, Robert: Power and Weakness: Why the United States and Europe See the World Differently
Hulsman, John; Europe's Weaknesses, America's Opportunities: The Future of the Transatlantic Alliance
Wiegel, George: Europe's Two Culture Wars
Leiken, Robert; Europe's Angry Muslims

Part IV: Cultural Issues -- The Ground Level

Dalrymple, Theodore: Reader, She Married Him, Alas
Dalrymple, Theodore: Tough Love
Dalrymple, Theodore; Barbarians at the Gates of Paris
Optional Article Giry, Stephanie; France and its Muslims -- the Politics of Assimilation
Dalrymple, Theodore; The Suicide Bombers Among Us
Dalrymple, Theodore; When Islam Breaks Down

Part V: The Islamic World: Military Matters and the Surge

Atkine, Norvell; Why Arabs Lose Wars
Kagan, Kimberly; How They Did It; Executing the Winning Strategy in Iraq
Mathews, Jessica; The Surge in Iraq has Failed
Optional Article; Anderson, Jon Lee; Inside the Surge
Optional Article; Galen, Rich; Non-News from Iraq
Optional Article; Kahl, Colin; COIN of the Realm

The U.S. and the Rest of the World
Zakaria, Fareed; The Future of American Power
Different link for The Future of American Power

Russia and the West:

Trenin, Dmitri: Russia leaves the West
Simes, Dmitri: Losing Russia; The Costs of Renewed Confrontation

Optional Readings

The Naval Institute; The Impending Collapse of Arab Civilization
Kaplan, Robert; Rereading Vietnam
Lewis, Jonathan; Replace Turkey as a Strategic Partner?
Lee, Melvin; The Fallacy of Grievance-based Terrorism









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