Baan Pak Pond (Relaxing House) Restaurant

Price: Average (300 baht for two)
Food: Above Average
Service: Good
Location: Hard to find
Ambiance: Above Average
Tilt: Above Average

Issan and Thai food, with an emphasis on seafood. To get here, go past what Nawong while headed towards Muang Ake, a large blue sign (in Thai) will point to the left. Turn left down that road, the restaurant will be on the right, parking is around back.

Generally, good food, especially the seafood. When I come with my wife the food is fiendishly spicy, but when I come by myself not so much. Not all of the fish is available on any given day, but the servers will let you know what is or is not available. There is no English menu, but the menu they use has plenty of pictures. The staff speak no english at all, and seem to change constantly, but areuniformly friendly and helpful. At one point, most of the waitresses seemed to be from Vietnam, one of them (maybe 17) asked me to marry her so she could go to the U.S. She had my wife translate the request for her. This is Thailand......

Sample Meal: Large Tom Yung Goon, Large Heineken, Ice, Rice: 290 Baht

This restaurant is built over/around an artificial pond, which is stocked with the largest catfish I have ever seen. The restaurant does not serve any of its own fish, they are just decorative, as well as serving as natures garbage disposal. Crab shells, shrimp heads, etc., are just tossed into the pont, to be quickly consumed by the fish. Seatingis mostly outdoors, with about 15 tables in the main section, and another 6 or so across the "pond". A karaoke stage is set up in the front of the restaurant, I have only seen it used on weekend evenings. A small indoors restaurant is also available, I have never seen it in use.



Update: two additional notes. One, most of the tables now have a small fan attached, that keeps the mosquitoes off of your legs. The last time I visited this place, I forgot my deet, but didn't get a single mosquito bite. A very nice touch.

Note two: this place has a large collection of cats, who are quite bold about begging for food. If you don't mind cats, not a problems, but some will find them pesky. The cats can be quite friendly, when not begging.


Total Visits: 10+
Last Visit: May 2008

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Last Modified: May 17, 2008