Cafe Raksa

Price: Inexpensive (250 baht for two, beer extra)
Food: O.K.
Service: Average
Location: Easy to find
Ambiance: Above Average
Tilt: Average

This place opened only in the last couple of months, I spotted it in December of 2007. A large place, which seems to cater to young professionals in the area, outdoor seating for about 100. Speakers are set up outside, as well as a very large projection TV Sometimes the TV shows sports, other times thai music videos, (or movies), it is often left on when the band is playing, which I find surreal but nobody else ever seems to notice.

Speaking of the band, they have live music most nights, usually starting sometime after 8:30 or so. The band is pretty good, and the place is big enough that you can sit where they are blasting, or in a quieter corner.

In addition to the outdoor area, their is a smaller indoor area that can seat about 10-20, air conditioned, with one small (20 baht a game) pool table. It is ok inside, but the outside is nicer.

The food is fine, but the menu is in Thai only. I have not tried that much, only the Moo Dat Diao, Panang Gai and Larb Gai. Everything was good, the Larb was especially good, but also quite spicy. This place does not take pity on Farang. The staff speak almost no english, the owner (or manager) does, I talked with him a bit, he told me they would be getting english menus soon. All told the food was fine, but nothing special, this is not a place for great food, but for ambiance. And it succeeds their, the place has a nice feel to it. Beer girls are a plus.

Total Visits: 3
Reviewed March 2008


Update May 2008

Been a few more times. They now have english menus. The service has been a bit more hit or miss, sometimes very attentive, sometimes I seem to be ignored. I went mostly on weeknights, I need to see what it is like on a weekend.



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Last Modified: May 13, 2008