I live far enough from downtown that I can't eat there constantly, and when I eat after work, it is usually along Pra Ahtit or towards Kao San. After buying a motorcycle, I have explored all over Don Muang and Muang Ake, trying any number of restaurants. Below are my reviews of them. Note that most of these places are very reasonable by downtown standards, a large bottle of Heineken, for example, usually costs 70-80 baht. Food can be even cheaper, much cheaper then downtown. Western food is hard to find, but it does exist, and their are some great deals.

I also have included a map of where things are, it is pretty accurate, but note that I can't read Thai, so sometimes I am off by a bit.


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Along Liab Ku Nai Kim 2
June's Shop
Happy Color ศรีสุข

Along Nawong Prattcha Pattana Rd (Near Wat Nawong)
Muean Fun เหมือนฝัน (The Mushroom Shop)
Chinese Restaurant
Baan Pak Pond บ้านพักผ่อน (House of relaxation, the "Blue Sign place")

Along EkThaksin Rd., (South of Rangsit University)
Cafe Raksa
The Brown House

Along EkThaksin Rd., (North of Rangsit University)
Hua Hin
Chattering Seafood ฉอเลาะทะเลเผา
Bann Mai Nam บ้านไม้น้ำ (Chinese-Thai Restaurant)
Bann Mueng Trung บ้านเมืองตรัง (Across from T-Bone)
Thai/French Restaurant

Liab Klong Prapan Rd and Sri Saman rd
Ra Biang Nam Restaurant
Wara Thai Isaan Restaurant
Sala Ruen Dom Restaurant
Krua Si Saman Restaurant

Along xx road
The Crab Place
The Local

Along Viparavadi Rangsit
at Carrefour
at Zeer Rangsit
Chok Chai Steakhouse

Near Thammasat University (Phra Ahtit, Kao Son Rd)
Ta Chang
River House
1000 Thanks
To Sit
Bangkok Blues
Pizza Lanta
Happy House

Washington Square (Sukhumvit 22ish)
Larry's Dive
Bourbon Street


Last Modified: May 17, 2008