June's (actually her mom's) shop

Price: Cheap (100 baht for two)
Food: Very good
Service: Above Average
Location: Hard to find
Ambiance: Average
Tilt: Above Average

When I first moved to Thailand, this is where I ate. It was the only restaurant with a chair that I could walk to from my house, so I went there a lot. The women who owned the shop has a little girl, June,who was scared and fascinated by the Farang. After about a month, she got up the nerve to talk with me, invite me to the park, etc. Then she began following my home to play on computer.

Eventually the shop moved to their house, but it didn't do as well. Now closed, the family has moved to Krabi, though I still see them periodically.

I miss this place. Since it was the first "family" style restaurant I ate at in Thailand, and I did so for 4 months or so (until I bought a motorcycle), it defined what thai food is for me. Now, whenever I get pad thai, tom yumgoon, larb gai, etc., I always compare it to June's shop.

Total Visits: 10+
Last Visit: 2007 (since closed)


Last Modified: May 13, 2008