Ra Biang Nam Restaurant

Price: Relatively inexpensive (300 baht for two)
Food: Good
Service: Fair
Location: Hard to find
Ambiance: Above Average
Tilt: Average

An Issan style place, nice food and atmosphere. They do a very good grilled chicken (Issan Style), and Grilled Pork Neck. The seafood is O.K., other food is fine but not remarkable. An excellent view of Khlong Prapa, a large canal that is used for the local water supply, so the water is much cleaner and fresher then is the case with many other canals.

Seating is all outdoors, but between fans and a breeze coming off the canal, it seems less hot then it should be. It has facilities for music and Karaoke, but I have never seen it here. In fact, they never seem very busy, but then again, my wife and I come for lunch, we have never been here for dinner.

Total Visits: 5+
Last Visit: February 2008

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Last Modified: May 17, 2008