T-Bone Restaurant

Price: Inexpensive (200 baht for two, beer extra)
Food: Above Average
Service: Above Average
Location: Easy to find
Ambiance: Average
Tilt: Above Average

T-bone has been around since I moved to the area (2005), but I didn't eat there for a long time, the name seemed inauspicious. Since I started coming, it has steadily gone up in my opinion. Inside, it has 5 tables, it can seat maybe 15, 20 max. It always has a selection of Thai and English (Usually the Bangkok Post and International Herald Tribune) newspapers, a nice touch. Seats are comfortable, tables clean, the place is not pretentious but does what it does very well, a nice place for lunch or diner.

The food is a mix of Thai and Chinese, with a few western dishes as well (garlic bread, french fries, etc.). The Thai food is good, especially the chicken w/Cashew nuts and the Pla Goon. The steaks are forgettable, you can do much better elsewhere. Service is fast and friendly, it is so small that you can't ever get lost or forgotten. The owner (a Thai lady) is usually there, she has a nice smile and is quite friendly.

Bottom line, this place works. I can't exactly say why I like it so much, but I do. It doesn't excel at anything, but it does it all well

Total Visits: 10+
Reviewed May 2008

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Last Modified: May 13, 2008