Zeer Rangsit

Price: Varies (200 baht for two)
Food: See Below
Service: See Below
Location: Hard to Miss
Ambiance: Average at best
Tilt: Average

Zeer Rangsit is the Pantip of northern Bangkok, it is the place to go for software, computer items, electronics, etc. I actually much prefer it to Pantip, it is slightly less crowded, not as frentic, and the prices are just as good, in some cases slightly better.

It has most of the standard mall food, a KFC, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Swensons, and a McDonalds (located outside the mall, just to the north along Viparadi Rangsit). There is also a bustling food market in the mall parking lot, near the main road.

Inside the mall, there is a food court, that I have only eaten at once, it seems fine but, well, it is a food court. Their are also three restaurants of note in the mall. On the north side of the mall, about half way down it, on the second floor, is the Buck and Spur. One of those weird American Indian/Cowboy themed places, it has a wide variety of Thai and Western food. The western food is below average, I have had Pasta Carbonara (thin, milky sauce), French Fries (soggy) and Garlic Bread (almost no garlic). The Thai food is somewhat better, but still nothing great, plus my wife swears it has made her sick twice. The ambiance inside is O.K., but the service is indifferent. They used to have beer girls, but I have not seen any in a long time. This place seems to be going down hill.


On the first floor, northern side, is a Korean Barbeque place. Very friendly, very nice. You can cook it yourself, or they (an Isaan family, or clan, seems to run the place) will cook it for you. They definitely spent some money to make it nice, while it has a slightly generic feel it somehow works. It rarely seems busy, which is a pity, but it hangs in there.




On the second floor, over the Tops super market (walk north, deeper into the mall, until you see it) is a new place, xxxxxxx, run by the Country Place chain of restaurants. Inside is red, wallpaper, paint, vinyl tablecloths that hang down to your ankles and rest heavy on the legs, etc. I can only guess that a fortune teller told the owner that red and gold were lucky colors, and the owner took it a bit to far.

That said, the food is good. It has a similar food to the Buck and Spur, but the Thai food at least is better. They have the deep fried pig knuckle for 99 baht, an opening special that has been in effect for 5 months now. When they end the special, I will try something else. My wife has had other things, and generally liked them.

They have three local (micro-brew) beers on the menu, but every time I ask for them, they tell me "soon, not yet". One of them is a wheat beer, another a red beer, if they ever get them I will report back on how they are.

Last Visit: 2008

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Last Modified: May 13, 2008