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Brian and Duangmanee

Brian and Nee, at the Thammasat University Graduation Ceremonies, 2008, with the Chao Phraya river in the background

This is the homepage of Brian Kennedy and Duangmanee Laovakul. Currently, we are both working at Thammasat University, in Bangkok Thailand.

Brian Kennedy

I am a professor at Thammasat University, with the Department of Economics. I teach for both the Bachelor of Economics program, and the British and American Studies Program (BAS). My academic training is in International Relations and History (B.S) and Economics (Ph.D.)

Spring, 2018

For students taking EE 442 Public Economics: Revenue, click the link for notes, articles, and supplemental material. (updated 28 March 2018 Midterm scores..)

For students taking EE 340 Introduction to Public Economics, click the link for notes, articles, and supplemental material.
(Updated 29 March 2018 w/midterm results)

For BAS students taking BS 374 Topics in American Foreign Policy (Cold War), click the link for notes, articles, and supplemental material. (Updated 15 August 2017)

For students interested in other BE (and BAS/BMIR/BBA) classes, use this link here.

Aside from Economics, my interests include most of the other social sciences, especially Political Science and History. I (before moving to Thailand) was a fairly avid gamer, miniature, board and to lesser extent role-playing, but I have had few opportunities to do so since moving to Thailand. On the left are links to various other interests.

Duangmanee Laovakul

Duangmanee graduated from George Mason University with a Ph.D. in Economics in 2004, currently she is the Vice Dean of Student Affairs for the Department of Economics at Thammasat University. She teaches economics for both the Thai program, and the english Bachelor of Economics (BE) program. She teaches primarily Public Finance and Mathematical Economics, though she has taught other courses in the past.

Aside from Economics, her interests run towards collecting crystal, gardening, and dining.






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