Early T'ang (book 3 list 20)

Painted Elements

3 Regular Cavalry Generals(s) (87 ap)
16 T'ang Regular Cavalry(s) (144 ap)
16 T'ang Regular Light Horse(f) (64 ap)
36 Irregular Turkish, Korean, Mo-Ko Tribal Light Horse(s) (252 ap)
3 T'ang Knights(f) (33 ap)
20 T'ang Regular Bow(X) (140 ap)
20 T'ang Regular Bow(o) (100 ap)
36 T'ang Irregular Bow(i) (108 ap)
6 Element Baggage
148 Painted elements Total (about 920 ap)

All Cavalry, Generals and Knights, Bow (x) and Bow (o) are outpost figures. The Irregular Light Horse and Bow are a mix of outpost, essex, chariot, falcon and irregular.

I primed the army in white, then spray painted the whole thing green (using citadel spray paints, can't remember the color, it was something like "orc green". Once I had the base color down, I did a drybrush over the armor with a lighter green. Then the trim, (faces, hands, bows, quivers, belts, etc.). Used a slightly thin miracle dip. The results came out great, I get more compliments on this army then any other, and it painted very quickly. The only downside is the spears and shields for outpost come separate, I primed and sprayed them to save painting time, and then used superglue and an accelerator to attach them. Big mistake, the heat of thailand and age is causing everything to dissolve. After every battle, I have a little stack of shields and spears that have to be reglued, and then never hold well either.... oh well, live and learn.

The whole army deployed:

Generals with Cavalry

Cavalry, and Cavalry Close up

Regular Light Horse, and Light Horse Close up

Turkish Allies, and Close up

Bow X, with a close up

Bow O, with a close up

Bow I, with a close up

Deployed for Battle

Guarding the Baggage




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