Central Asian Turks (book 3 list 5)

Painted Elements

3 Cavalry Generals (51 ap)
2 Light Horse Generals (34 ap)
36 Turkish Cavalry (324 ap)
36 Turkish Light Horse (252 ap)
24 Turkish Archers (72 ap)
24 Turkish Psilio (48 ap)
36 Turkish Spearmen (108 ap)
8 Element Baggage
156 Painted elements Total (about 850 ap)

All Cavalry is outpost figures, the Light horse are about 50% outpost, the rest a mix of essex, chariot, irregular, and others. The archers and psilio are about 30% outpost Turks, 20% outpost chinese, and 50% other manufactures. The Spearmen are also a mix of Outpost and other manufacturers.

I painted the army over about 3 months, black undercoat, many bright colors for the armor, but a fairly heavy miracle dip which dulled it all down, I was going for a "colorful but dusty after a hard days march" theme. The army came out a little darker then I intended, but the figure variety is tremendous, it looks very irregular.

The whole army deployed:


Cavalry, and Cavalry Close up


Light Horse, and Light Horse Closeup

Archers and Psilio, with a closeup

The spearment, and a closeup

Deployed for Battle

Gaurding the Baggage




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